Inspiration Thursday

Good Day Bloggers!

My thoughts for today turn towards inspiration. Fleeting and nimble as it may be, sooner or later you can lure it in and snag it. Sometimes it stays for a few brief moments—long enough only to breathe to you a word of a song or a line of a poem—and other times, and these are the times that we live, breathe for, hope for—inspiration stays with us for minutes or hours or even days—seeming to weave before it a vast expanse of beautiful content. And in these fragile minutes, we are content. What inspires you, bloggers? What makes your internal oceans churn?

As I was waiting for class yesterday, typing diligently away on something probably unimportant—my ears were suddenly charged with some new stimuli, something so sweet, so carefully wrought, so uncharacteristically beautiful in the hallways of my college—that it was enough to arrest me outright. That sound, bloggers, was the sound of Ed Sheeran singing “The Parting Glass.” I’ve included a link here:   Now you don’t know this, friends, but I am an absolute sap for traditional Irish songs. They, like chocolate, are caffeine to my system. Irish music is unique in that it both sooths and ignites, and isn’t this bloggers, the key to our inspiration? I searched wildly for the source of the sound, and it turns out someone was playing “Glass” on their phone. Now this wouldn’t have been entirely odd if I didn’t not only recognize the sound, but also the singer, and the method of purveyance. I had, friends, listened to that exact rendition of “Glass” about three hours earlier, in my own house and on my own iPod! Forget coincidence. This was the muses, the spark, the inspiration, call it what you will, speaking to me. Write. It said. Create beauty. This is the reason you live. To build and correct and generate. You are an artist. Here is your inspiration. Not in a voice exactly like that, but you get my drift.

So bloggers…here is your task today. Listen to your inner voice. Find today’s inspiration in the sound of someone’s voice, or the sights outside your window, or the way the wind pushes against your back. Find your inspiration, and let it speak.


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