Spatial Imagination – Thought Provoking Post

Good Day Bloggers!

Now none of you know this, bu I live in a ‘high desert’. Fo those of you who don’t know, a high desert is very arid, very dry, and usually within a rain shadow of a mountain. For those of you who’ve somehow also forgotten your basic meteorology, a rain shadow is the area beneath a mountain that doesn’t get any rain. Now I’m the type of person that’s downloaded thunderstorm sounds onto my iPod, merely because we don’t get to enjoy the drip drop of April Showers very often where we live. Well last night, bloggers, I heard rain. We get snow, but snow is usually silent. Rain is a different story. What a relief it was to hear the soothing sounds of rain on my roof, imagining I was some hiker stranded in my tent in the Rockies, or in some Tibetan monetary across the world, or an explorer in the deep jungle, creating for my self a vision that I could examine more thoroughly later. As writers, as creators, we must be able to live in the worlds we create to more fully appreciate they’re beauty and potential. This is why spatial thinking and spacial imagination is so important. What ways do you explore your creative worlds? What world have you created recently? Leave a comment below!


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