4 Sentence Story

Good Day Bloggers!

Although I do love poetry, I’ve also been known to write a story or two in my day. Today, I give you a “four sentence story” I wrote last year. This exercise is great to practice on concise, meaningful words. There is no need for anything extra–just say what you’re going to say! Feel free to give this method a try.

“There were flakes in the fishbowl–golden and green and brown like leaves in Autumn. There was his scent in my nose, and in my clothes, and caught between the puffs of air from the silver fan oscillating in the kitchen. And I sat there, bartop, waiting for life to emerge from down the darkened hall, where his bedroom took its rest. And while I sat, and while I waited, some invisible force drove the fishflakes down and down beneath the water, rocking like falling leaves, down and down to bedrock–where there were no fish waiting.”

Copywrite: Jennifer Johnston, longlivetheimagination


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