Inspiration Post

Good Day bloggers!

Valentine’s Day rapidly approaches, and you’ll be looking for words to write in your cards to your special someone. Here’s an opening paragraph of something I’m working on. Feel free to find inspiration in the words. If you write something good, (steamy, delicious, etc.) feel free to share! Have a great one!

“There was something special in his hands. In the bones in his hands. The fingers were shorter than mine, meatier, perhaps, but what they lacked in grace they made up for in strength. They could grasp crude tools, smooth corduroy into obedient flatness—but mostly they would speak to me. They laced with mine, imperceptive, ingeniously—and the phalanges, obedient to the strength of his hands, would squeeze my own. I often marveled at the strength of those palms. Those fingers, that with crushing finality, could snap my fingers in a mere moment of blind and passionate capacity. That they could destroy my own I had no doubt—but there was little for me to fear. Mostly, his rough pads—the leathery glove over bony digits, would worship my knuckles. Delving into the soft crevices, examining the spaces between each gap—this is what existed. Worship, in the spaces between.”

Copywrite Jennifer Johnston, Longlivetheimagination


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