Lost and (maybe) Found

Surely there was that thing…you know, that thing that you lost once. Or maybe it’s that thing you lose twice daily. Your keys, sunglasses, chapstick–you know, the things that sprout legs and walk away as soon as you put them down somewhere. Or maybe it was something bigger. Your car in a parking garage, your younger cousin at a carnival…there are many things we lose and find everyday. Was this thing tangible, (your wallet, a library book) or something intangible (your friendship with someone, your sense of self)? Think of this thing, (or things) and take a second to jot down where you think it might have gone. Or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, write about a time you didn’t find this thing, and how it made you feel. Feel free to include dialogue, or bullet points, or write a list. Whatever helps your process. If it helps, among other things, I lost my brand new iPod ear buds yesterday. The cool new ones that are shaped to fit in your ear. Can’t find the stupid things anywhere. Sigh. Hope you feel inspired!


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