Yesterday, as part of my Careers class, I was asked to select a photo from a table full of photos. The idea was that we each would select one that represented our “passion”. A bit of an abstract idea…but hey. I’m a writer. I obsess over the abstract.

After a few moments of searching, I seized upon a particular, and highly familiar, set of keys:


As a writer, I was drawn not only to the familiar, (and what’s more familiar than the feel of the slightly raised bump on a J and F key?) but drawn also to the sense that within those keys, hiding secretly beneath those letters, was my passion. My passion is not just to write, but to write well, write intelligently, and write things that will be meaningful after I am gone. This is my passion.

Your task for today, bloggers? Write about something you are passionate about. Write about astronomy, or your favorite non-profit, or the way you feel when you stand next to the ocean. Or, if you don’t want to write it, call a friend and tell them. Doodle in the margins of your phone book, paint a picture of your passion. Good luck, bloggers, and be inspired!!



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