Here kitty kitty…

One of my many jobs, (as a poor, poor college student) is pet sitting for people. I actually trained dogs for 9 years in 4-H, so I’m more qualified than you think. Recently, I house sat for a friend who’d just welcomed a new baby into their household:


His name is Toby, and he is a heartbreaker. I’ve come across many different types of animals during my five or so years pet sitting. One thing I have learned is that pets are kind of a lot like people. Some like company, some like to sit alone. Some chase balls and others prefer chasing Zzzz’s. One thing is for sure, animals have an incredible ability to inspire. Whether a warm pile of fur in your lap or a quivering, quaking bundle of joy waiting for their walk, animals speak volumes. Do you have a pet at home? Or an entire herd? What was something your pet did that made you laugh? Or cry? Or face palm? Write about it!


One thought on “Here kitty kitty…

  1. Neat post! We have Sally the standard poodle who, being a deep black colour, was effectively unphotographable until yesterday when my wife got her new DSLR camera!

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