They say people come into our lives…

Goodbyes can be rough. Not all goodbyes are permeant, but even those that last just a little while can be painful. Tonight I’ll be saying goodbye to our 4-H leader of seven years, whose job is now forcing a move to Texas. I made a 30 minute slideshow, and it’s going to bring down the house. I just know it. But enough about me. Our leader has been a very powerful influence on my life, and she truly is a gem. She took me to my very first showing of Wicked and then drove thirty or so miles out of her way, late at night in Denver, so we could buy a copy of the novel. That’s the things about role models. They’re good soundboards, and good influences, but also very powerful friends. I hope she has an amazing new adventure in Texas, though I know she’s going to miss out beautiful Colorado mountains. Goodbye, Erin, and thanks for being my friend šŸ™‚



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