Visual Rhetoric – Street Art

Street Art as a medium has recently become a powerful social statement. In this picture, we see a stencil-type piece in the style of Shepard Fairey, the image seems to be that of a young girl. She appears to be wearing a hat or surrounded by a halo—the image may evoke a sense of innocence or youth. The large eyes and lips further accentuate this. She seems well dressed, either in a cultural outfit or simply nice clothes. The Monochrome makes the image very stark, as if right and wrong is black and white in children, and becomes muddied and gray in adulthood. There is a streak of light in the upper corner, but that was due to camera angle. This image is approximately a foot tall and a half a foot wide. The medium is Sharpie pen on canvas. It’s title is “Jennifer”.

Background on this Image: Created by my brother for Mother’s Day, this image was based on another picture (think Shepard Fairey’s Obama Debacle) this picture is of a very young me. It was created for the Pueblo City School’s Art Show. This piece graced the wall of the CSU Pueblo Art Gallery, and competed in the Colorado State Fair as well. It did not win any awards. My brother creates “street art” but limits this to canvas, paper and posterboard that he owns.

visual rhetoric - street art


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