Visual Rhetoric – Symbol of Self

Visual rhetoric - self symbol

My self-symbol is an Andy Warhol-esque collage of my profile. Each profile is identical to the next, minus a few color blooms, scratches, and text shapes. The texts each say “Filly,” which is a nickname of mine. The term “filly” is used to describe a young female horse, and in Western culture, an attractive, (if wily) female. By making each text slightly different, (some masculine, others feminine, in a variety of colors and shapes) I could accurately capture the uniqueness we all have. By placing this text on the head (the brain) we can infer that this is where the creativity and difference stems from. The colors are stark monochrome in a myriad of whites, blacks and grays, which indicate how we all find our own moral ground, and show it. The color blooms represent personal achievement and the scratches, obstacles. I am facing away from the camera—but the pose is strong and natural as opposed to weak. There are earrings, a necklace and a jeweled headband showing—but this is quick to enhance natural beauty. I really love this picture of me because it shows both female beauty and strength—cursive writing is indicative of the female beauty, block letters indicative of female confidence. I am the same person outside, but what happens in my mind is beautiful and is something I show to the world. Beauty and Knowledge is power.

This image was created using a myriad of (all free) Apps from the Apple App Store (in order of use):

  • PhotoStudio (used to render original image in Monochrome)
  • Bazaart (used to isolate figure from background)
  • Overgram (used to place block texts)
  • PicLab (used to create color blooms, scratches and cursive texts)
  • DecoBlend (used to put individual frames into a collage)
  • Check all of these Apps out here:

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